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Business Improvement Processes

As the Business world tries to steer the present challenges, many of the management practices will undergo changes in the days ahead. The biggest challenge today is to achieve the strategic intent of the business, provide organizational scalability & sustained growth through optimized resources-manpower and material. We need to make our work force more engaged, enjoy what they do and draw motivation from their achievement. Performance parameters need to more align to key outcome.

Our output needs to meet higher level quality. We should set objective without draining our self or burning out our talent pool. We need to understand that it’s not quantum but quality of our focus on the on the key areas that will give us the desired results. Quantum can in the short run give us a level of output though higher than the previous level and in line with our business target but not near the possible potential and perhaps on target but with a cost. Thus, many a times the approach is not sustainable.

BIP Interventions are the suite of actions deployed for organization optimization on all departmental fronts from Strategy to Audit covering HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Quality, Projects, Audit, Administration, Logistics etc, therefore delivering a total package of Business Process Improvement and Organizational Excellence. The interventions focus on creating a competitive organization structure with departmental design definitions, Job descriptions, employee assessment, competency analysis, compensation & benefits restructuring, designing performance management systems as well as performance linked Incentive systems. Intrinsic business processes changes & culture and environmental Change creation & management also form part of the BIP suit.

Our approach to Organizational Restructuring