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Contractual Staffing

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At Ethos we have established relationships professionals to come up with solutions to your contractual staffing or temporary staffing needs. In fast moving markets, organizational entities from banks to trading businesses and from IT companies to energy concerns have need for temporary staffing or contingent work.

Ethos helps you to find the best temporary or contractual staffing solutions without spending a fortune. We understand contingent work needs of companies, and that people with certain skill sets may not always fit the company’s payroll.

Contractual staffing helps to protect an employer brand as well as needs when the staff is on the payroll of a third party, but comes in to work on being lent by the staffing company. It is a much better and cost-effective solution than hiring and firing for temporary needs.

In contractual staffing, either we directly provide the contractual staff or tie up our clients with suitable staffing providers from whom we screen and select candidates to work for our clients. Contractual staffing is a win-win in many situations – from arranging trade shows to hiring a fleet of programmers on short notice. It adds flexibility to business operations and helps call on expertise as and when required.

We have standard formats of Client Service Agreements and our experts are held in the highest esteem by staffing companies. Our reputation and service provides us access to the candidate databases of staffing companies and employ selection procedures beneficial for our clients.

After understanding client priorities in contractual staffing, we identify and hire according to client specifications and maintain HR, Admin and regulatory compliance required by the client.

In a market that is sure to change, contractual staffing by Ethos is your guarantee of business resilience when it comes to human resources.