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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment process outsourcing has become a favored option of both small and big business entities in solving their recruitment concerns, because RPO providers like Ethos provide both economics of scale and economics of scope. However, at Ethos, we believe in something more – the economics of ethics and experience.

Strict compliance and adherence to client instructions cuts down on costs of non-compliance and also achieves better service levels, because regulation compliance usually results in better work. At Ethos we observe this economics of ethics when providing recruitment process outsourcing solutions for our clients. And we do it without sacrificing either on the economics of scale or scope.

At Ethos we accept parts of a client’s recruitment process, or all of its recruitment activities. We help businesses reduce their response time to human resources needs as well as providing sophisticated staffing methods and reporting. Outsourcing your recruitment processes to Ethos would help you reduce costs and understand and measure your recruitment strategy.

We work with you to build strategies for your recruitment activities and diligently follow your instructions guaranteeing compliance. Our experts help you to create a corporate staffing strategy to ensure the best results.

In RPO we offer analytics and mapping of your recruitment activities, provide insight and comparison with your competitors and identify problem areas, as well as untapped potentials in human resources. We also offer skills analysis and resourcing health checks to optimize your recruitment processes.

We understand the impermanence of employer-employee relationships and the need for retention of desirable candidates. We also understand your need to maintain certain functions in line with your employer brand. When you outsource your recruitment processes to Ethos you have higher quality in recruitment and can free your own core resources to employ them to your core business activities.

Ultimately, its care and consistency that works in RPO to make things truly cost and quality effective, and at Ethos, we understand that perfectly.